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_____While on a visit to New York City to visit my wife's sister we took a tour to Ellis Island. While there we tried to look up and see when our families first migrated to this country. We were only able to find information about my wifes family. There appeared to be no history of mine.

_____About 10 years ago at a Cousin's Reunion in Rochester, New York I was talking with two of my cousins Ruth Cuykendall and Ed Farrell and we were discussing family history. They had received from another cousin information about a book written on the history of the Kuykendall family dating back to the 1600's.

_____Over the past 10 years I have gathered data thru cousins and the internet in research for the data I have collected. The proper way to display this material was an experience in itself. Family members are the key in keeping this information up to date. There have been a lot of changes from when I first started. Thanks to the internet and a variety of search engines it makes the reseach possible. One of my main objectives for doing this is because of the present day families. Long ago they lived within miles of one another whereas today they are located in all of the States and some in other countrys. Some of these relatives are names to people but one of goals is to put faces with these names. For me its nice to hear about cousins but they are only a name. By putting a picture with a name you then can visualize who they are. I know I have heard my parents talk about relatives but I had no idea who they were talking about. This is intended for the younger generations who have never seen or met their relatives.

_____I have designed this site to be used by all family members. Each is an individual site of which I can give you the information to get into so you can add changes to it. Please help me keep it alive and up to date. Contact me for the information about your family site. Just click on the icons below. Enjoy.

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